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USP Pro – Version 1.5 Update

USP Pro version 1.5 released! Here is a summary of the changes..

USP Pro – Version 1.4 Update

USP Pro version 1.4 released! Here is a summary of the changes..

USP Pro – Version 1.3 Update

USP Pro version 1.3 released! Here is a rundown of the changes..

Plugin Planet – Purchase without PayPal

Good news! Plugin Planet now accepts payments via credit card without PayPal. This is useful for people who live a country or region where PayPal is blocked due to restrictions or regulations. Direct credit card purchases are handled by Stripe. Note that no credit card information is handled or stored on our servers.

USP Pro – Version 1.2 Update

USP Pro version 1.2 is now available! The new version will be made available to you from the luxe comfort of the WP Admin Area. Here is a summary of the changes and new features.

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