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USP Pro – Custom Textarea

Learn how to add a custom textarea field to any USP Form.

USP Pro – Add an “Agree to Terms” Box

In previous versions of USP Pro, you could add a required checkbox in a few steps. Now in USP Pro version 2.3, you can add an “Agree to Terms” box with a single click. Read on to reveal the magic..

USP Pro – Display Form via Widget

USP Pro makes it easy to create unlimited custom forms that can be displayed anywhere on your site. You can display forms via Shortcode, Template Tag, or Widget. This post explains how to display any USP Form via the USP Form Widget.

USP Pro – Dashboard Widget

USP Pro version 2.3 introduces a new Dashboard Widget that displays all submitted posts by the current user.

USP Pro – Display List of Submitted Posts

USP Pro version 2.3 introduces a new shortcode to display a list of submitted posts for any user and for any post type. This post explains how it works and how to customize the shortcode’s attributes to suit your needs.

Manage Plugin License

This tutorial explains how to manage your plugin license and domain(s).

Download Purchase Receipt

Here is how to download your receipt after purchasing USP Pro, SES Pro, BBQ Pro, or any other items from Plugin Planet.

USP Pro – Adding CSS and JavaScript

This quick post explains the various ways to add CSS and JavaScript to your USP Forms and submitted posts.

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