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Upgrade Plugin

This quick post explains how to upgrade any plugin purchased from Plugin Planet. Staying current helps to ensure site stability, performance, and security. So always update your plugin to the latest version to get the latest features, bug fixes, and other improvements. Basically there are two ways to upgrade: automatically via WP’s one-click upgrade, or […]

Install Plugin

Installing a plugin from Plugin Planet is the same as installing just about any other WordPress plugin. After downloading the plugin zip file, you basically have two options for installing: upload via FTP or use the built-in WP plugin uploader/installer. Here are the steps for either installation method.

Activate & Deactivate Plugin License

This post explains how to activate and deactivate a plugin license. Activating your license gives you access to plugin settings, free auto-updates, and priority support. Works for any plugin license. Note: to view your License Key at any time, log in to your account at Plugin Planet.

Transfer Plugin License

This post explains the proper way to transfer a plugin license from one site to another. For example, if you have a Personal/1-site license and want to transfer it from a local development site to a live production site. Works for all licenses. Just follow these steps..

SES Pro – Email Blacklist

As of SES Pro version 1.6, you can specify a list of email addresses or domains that should never be allowed to sign up to any of your campaigns. Introducing the “Email Blacklist” feature..

SES Pro – Google reCAPTCHA

As of SES Pro version 1.6, you can add a powerful anti-spam feature to any sign-up form. Google reCAPTCHA is a powerful captcha-based anti-spam measure that’s super easy on users and super effective at stopping spam.

USP Pro – Collect Visitor Data

USP Pro provides an option to collect user data, like IP address, user agent, referrer, and more. This post explains how to collect such user data for post-submission forms and contact forms. We’ll also cover how to disable all data collection, or just disable collection of the user’s IP address.

USP Pro – Custom Input Fields

Learn how to add a custom text input field to any USP Form. Includes variations for derivative input types such as range, color, date, time, search, url, and many others.

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